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Solar Star Attic Fans


The Solar-Powered Attic Fan That Pays For Itself

Attic Fan Description





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Flashing Options


Low Profile*
This sleek, unobtrusive design is for most roof applications

It's a great alternative for north facing roofs when you need to improve exposure to the sun.

High Profile*
This discreet, aerodynamic design is perfect for locations with heavy snow loads.


Solar Star Roof Mount Vents:

   Low Profile, Pitched, High Profile


now also available in a Gable Fan Design

Solar Star:

  • Reduces heat build up

  • Reduces air conditioning costs

  • Prevents ice damming


*Suppress Heat Build Up *
Here in Connecticut heat build-up in an attic causes snow to melt and run down where it freezes at the eaves, causing destructive ice damming.

*Battle Moisture*
In New England ice and frost form, causing damage to your roof structure.

Solar Star:

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For more information on Attic Fans available check out  http://www.solatube.com/residential/solar-star